Silicon Valley, a place where geniuses are born, billion dollars’ worth companies are created, and future of technology and mankind has been changed. The big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs all rose from Silicon Valley and conquered the world. Maybe there is something in the air of that valley which turns people into geniuses, or maybe it’s because their economy is robust which allows buying of cheap parts for computer’s hardware purposes.

Anyways, whatever the reason is, this valley has given us some substantial world-changing inventions, and we are thankful for that. To honor the Silicon Valley, I have gathered some interesting facts about it. These facts will tell you more about Valley and why it is the home of millionaires. So let’s get into the facts about Silicon Valley:



• Home of Revolutionary Inventions.

There is no denying in the fact that Silicon Valley has changed the way the world works. Some of the best inventions of the Valley are:



We all know about Hawllet Packard (HP). Even if you have not used any of their appliances, which is rare, you will be aware of the existence of this famous giant in the world of computers. But do you know that this company was started in a small garage in Silicon Valley. HP was created by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard in a garage located at 367 Addison Boulevard, Silicon Valley in 1938.

The year 1938 was the start of Silicon Valley’s big adventure towards the high-tech world we witness today. Both Bill and Dave came to Silicon Valley to design their first product in a garage which was just 65 square foot in the area and then with their rapid success. They became one of the giants in the world of computers.


Apple, which has become a sensation especially among smartphone users. People literally stand in line in front of apple store on the launch day of new iPhones. Each year a new Apple product is launched which goes viral and people go crazy behind it. Well, it was not always like that. Apple started with computers, its founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, just like Dave and Bill from HP.

Jobs and Wozniak also used to work in a garage, and they made their first Macintosh in the garage of Silicon Valley, which later led the foundation of a huge success. Now Apple is known by the whole world, and just like HP, it was also started in a small garage in Silicon Valley.



Facebook is a classic Silicon Valley success story. Facebook has gone from an idea came to Mark’s mind in a dorm of Harvard, which later led to a number 1 social media site.

When Mark was a sophomore at Harvard, he built a website called “Face smash.” The website was a hot or not type. Mark hacked into the directory of school’s administration and got pictures of his classmates from there, and he uploaded those pictures to his website “Face Smash” within the 4 hours the site got 22,000 views from just 450 people, “WOW.”

A few hours later Harvard found out about this and order Mark to take it down due to copyright reasons. Mark was faced with disciplinary action from Harvard, but he was allowed to stay at school. And then working from the same dorm in 2004 at February 4th he finally launched a social media website in a legit way which was named as “Facebook.”

These days, Facebook is worth around $500 billion, and more than 2 billion people use its social network every month.



• Companies That Call Silicon Valley Home

It is no secret that in America if there is a place where the magic happens in the field of technology then it is undoubtingly the Silicon Valley. In America so many major companies have started operating in Silicon Valley it’s really a list of who’s who in the technology space. Below is the list of companies who are the big players of not only Silicon Valley but they are also big players in their fields in the whole world. And these companies are also from Silicon Valley.

• Google Inc.,
• Intel Corporation
• Facebook Inc.
• Adobe Systems
• eBay Inc.
• Nvidia,
• Symantec Corporation
• Varian Associates
• Yahoo! Inc.
• Cisco Systems
• LinkedIn
• Corporation,
• Mozilla Foundation
• Xerox PARC
• Netflix Inc
• AOL Inc.
• Sun Microsystems,
• TiVo Inc.



• Largest numbers of Millionaires live there:

The Valley is full of investors who want to invest in different startups. Because of the history of Silicon Valley, many fresh and young entrepreneurs come to set their startups in Silicon Valley, and this is the reason that almost every investor comes to Silicon Valley to invest in those startups. The innovation and technology expansion rate is very high in Silicon Valley. That is why Investors prefer to invest in startups of Silicon Valley which often leads to success.

PC: Photo by Jimi Filipovski on Unsplash

Because of so many investments and startups, the economy side of Silicon Valley is very strong, and because of this high-risk vs. high return situations with investments in Silicon Valley, there are so many millionaires in it. In fact, there are more millionaires in Silicon Valley than any other area in the United States. The town of Atherton, located in the Silicon Valley region, is the most expensive town, where most of the millionaires and billionaires of Silicon Valley are living. Another fact about this city is that it has only one restaurant for everyone.



• Once called Valley of Death:

The Valley was not like what it is now. The valley once was called as Death Valley. Not because there was a mass murder or something, it was not a case; even there was no single death in the valley which would have been the cause of this name.

Then how it was named as Death Valley once? Well because of the fact, that the Valley was the place where computers were invented. And people at that time were very foreign to the concept of a machine. So when they came to know about computers being made, they freaked out that these computers will bring havoc to the valley and will turn into killing machines.

So because of that, people used to call silicon Valley the Death Valley. It was later on when people discovered that computers still need humans to operate them.


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