Adios to all techies. I hope you guys are enjoying your life with no girlfriend in it. Yeah, bro, I can feel your agony, I am a nerd too, I have no girlfriend just like you, sometimes I even feel that all my cool gadgets are my girlfriends. Anyways I hope you all are fit and tight with your drones flying higher than the kite. So as you guys know, the year is about to end, and besides the buttonless, jack less and “senseless” iPhone X, there have been some remarkable inventions in the world of technology.

These cool gadgets may seem a little weird or unnecessary to you, but it’s not all about YOU brother, so mind it. Anyways I have compiled a list of top 5 cool Gadgets of 2017 that changed the way we used to see the things. So if you are a fan of the latest and high-end techs, and I know you are, then thesecool Gadgets are going to blow you away.

These cool Gadgets are carefully added to this list based on their high-end specs, features and somewhat prices. So without wasting a single moment of your completely “unimportant” time let’s see what I’ve got.

Sgnl – Make Phone Calls with your fingertips

Imagine, you are going on a bike or a bicycle, and someone calls you (which rarely happens). Now you want to attend that call, but you cannot take your mobile out of your pocket, because you are on the main road and cannot leave handlebar, and the time it will take for you to stop and take out the mobile, the call is dropped.

What would you do now? Simple you will call that number, but why do that, when you can attend the call by literally using your fingertips. Just replace the Sgnl strap with the strap of your wristwatch, the strap will be connected to the phone in your pocket. Whenever someone calls you, just tap the touch button on the strap and put your finger on your ear, and that’s it!

You can hear the other person loud and clear even in noisy places like highways. And the built-in noise-canceling microphone will help you in talking to the other person.
You can check out its price and other features at mysgnl.

XYZprinting da Vinci Mini 3D Printer

You all have heard about 3d printers before which cost a lot of money and are huge. But have you heard about a mini 3d printer which is cheap and efficient?

The Vinci Mini 3D printer is a perfect fit for arts and design and architect students and teachers to build their models and work on them. This small 3D printer is fast, accurate and cheap. What else do you want?

Previously many 3D mini printers came to market, but almost all of them didn’t live up to the expectations of their users. But, this one has been ranked as one of the best mini 3D printers with its advantage of low pricing. Its impressive design, build quality, small size and accuracy have surprised its users because all of that is in just 300$.

You can check out its specs, prices and other features here

NitroQ – Fast, Portable Power in 7 Minutes

We all have been there when we need to make an urgent call, but our phone’s battery is making faces at us and teasing us with “Battery empty” messages. Even if you don’t have to make a call, having a mobile phone with enough battery to carry out your daily tasks is a need of every young individual.

But the problem is that we don’t often charge our phone that much, or we forget to charge it at all, and when we need it the most, it shows battery low or battery empty sign. Power banks seemed the only option to solve this problem, but power banks also take their time to charge. With Nitron, you have the freedom to fully charge your device from flat 0 to 100 percent, anywhere and anytime in just 7 minutes. How amazing is that? The capacity of Nitron is 5000 mah which is enough for almost every smartphone.


We all love to shoot anything amazing that’s happening around us. Our phones with amazing camera quality have enabled us to do that easily. But the real problem that we all face while shooting videos is shaky hands. Yes, we buy tripods to fix that problem, but tripod has its own list of challenges (I’ll link to another article explaining that).

Well RIGIET is an amazing gadget launched in 2017 which provides you with the facility of recording stabilized videos even when you are moving or running. WHAT?!!!! Yup, it finally happened. Besides its image stabilization feature, it also offers some other amazing features given below:

Auto Tracking:
Rigiet can smoothly follow your target and shoot fabulous video by a simple drag on the screen.

Time Lapse:
With Rigiet, you can now shoot fantastic time-lapse video! Without any complicated operations or instruments.

Charge your phone:
Rigiet is one of a kind stabilizer, and it can also charge your phone while you are busy shooting videos. You can even charge your phone and Rigiet with a power bank simultaneously!

You can find its prices and other specs here

Alpha – The World’s Smallest 4K Action Camera

Are you a fan of video recording? And want to record videos where you cannot tell people you are recording a video but the big video camera shows everyone that you are recording the whole scene, which can go in a wrong way.

Besides that, the time of handling giant video recording cameras has gone, not its time for small cameras that fit in your palm. So you can record videos even at those places where you cannot take your standard video camera.

The question is; do small video cameras offer high-resolution video recording with complete image stabilization? NO! It was not possible until 2017.

Now the new Alpha camera by Mokacam which is world’s smallest 4k camera has made it possible to do everything that a standard video camera cannot do.

This camera is so small that it can hide in your front pocket making you a little version of James Bond. The camera offers high resolutions 4k video recording with image stabilization and GPS info about your videos or photos.

More Info and pricing can be found here

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