A problem that every introvert face is the problem of socializing as an introvert. People, who are introverts, like to remain in their own world, but for how long? At some point, you will have to face the world you live in and the people in it. In terms of socializing there are two types of people in this world. Some people immediately make friends and then there are those who face a lot of trouble in even talking to strangers.

The most common reason for that problem is what to talk about? I used to be one of the second types, even there were times when I just used to look down and stare at my hands and trust me if I had been given a penny every time I did that. I would’ve left bill gates behind.

To be honest, I hadn’t even had the confidence to look in the eyes of others. The thought which kept on going in my mind was that if I talk, people might judge me and once I say something, people will start to notice me, and I don’t even know how I look, are my hair ok? Oh wait there is a pimple on my face, forget it I should not speak. So I used to be like that. Hence I was a complete introvert.

Being an introvert is not a bad thing, but being on its extreme level is dangerous. Because extreme of everything is just wrong and when something reaches its extreme, it blows. In case of being an absolute introvert and shy person will destroy your social life and will leave you alone with low self-esteem.

So what to do to overcome that habit of being reluctant to talk to others? How to start socializing as an introvert? Well, there are some simple techniques that I used when I was a complete introvert, now I can easily socialize with anybody. So Just do what I did and you will start to see results in no time. So the little techniques that I started using at my early stage are:

Start by Small Things:

Socializing as an introvert has to begin with breaking the ice. Because when you meet someone entirely new or someone you don’t usually interact with. You just need to start with small things. Ask them how they are, what are they doing now, etc. This is the only icebreaking step, so nothing detailed here, but this is the most crucial step, as breaking the ice will help you start the communication.

Give Attention To The Other Person:

Once the person has started telling about themselves, give them attention, try to make eye contact, it shows confidence. When they talk about what they are doing and why they are doing that, just acknowledge it by nodding while making eye contact and throw one or two compliments in between. Like if someone is telling you that they are going to an engineering college, ask them their major, and if let’s say they tell you that they are doing civil engineering, then say something nice, like wow, you guys must’ve to study really hard, or something like, great! Civil engineering has a huge scope nowadays.

So in this way, you will be paying attention to the person talking and who doesn’t like compliments and attention. If there is a break in between, start telling them about yourself, your hobbies, where you study, but then again come to the topic where you talk about them, because attention makes people talk and trust me I am speaking from experience.

Lead the Conversation:

Now that you have started the conversation, you will have to lead it. Which will look like you are participating and not just letting the other person talk. Because people like to talk when they are being listened to, and by leading the conversation you will be giving the impression of listening. You can lead the discussion by talking about the subjects the person has shown interest, for instance, when talking to someone, you can throw one or two topics in between the discussion.

Like when you were talking about the civil engineering, you know that the person is interested in this field so you can talk about things related to civil engineering like a bridge you like or how hard it is to build roads or buildings in summer or even a movie related to civil engineering. Anything which is related to the subject but not exactly about the subject. In this way, you will give the impression that you are also interested in talking to that person and without letting the other person know, you will be leading the conversation.

Ask Question From Them:

This is also a good way of leading the conversation and showing interest. By questioning people related to the particular topic, you will be making them talk more and even managing the impression of making the communication. Because communication is a two-way process and with receiving, you will have to send too.

So when someone says that in summer it is tough to keep working the whole day to build a bridge or a road, you can throw a question like, then how do you guys manage to work, or do you guys take shifts to take rest, something like that to keep them occupied. And also not letting them think that you are a creep who do not know how to talk. So my point is that throw one or two questions related to the topic and the other person will be interested in talking to you because you showed interest in him and in that way you will seem interesting too.

Summing Up:

These little tips will get you guys started towards the road of socializing as an introvert, because you may not like to talk to people. But it is a necessity to talk to people, or else you may be left alone, and being alone seems interesting at first, but it is not a healthy way to live. So once you have talked to someone using these techniques, that person will definitely remember you the next time you meet, why? Because you showed interest in him and that’s how you guys will not be reluctant to talk to each other in the next encounter because you talked a lot in the first meeting and now you both are comfortable in talking to each other. So follow these tips, keep others, and yourself occupied in conversations and a time will come when you guys will become the natural conversation makers like me.

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