In our lifetime, we always think; are we good enough to do this, to do that? We always challenge our capability, and when you are testing your ability, you doubt yourself, a genius is not the one who has answers to all questions. A genius is the one who faces all his doubts to find the answers. An answer to every problem relating to a person lies within him; he just needs to look deep down and find that voice, which says; YOU CAN!

So what I am trying to say here is that no one is a genius by birth. You have to strive to be one. According to a study, psychologists have found some traits which are found in a genius person. If you have those traits, then you may be a genius, and we will help you discover yourself by telling you those traits. And if you do not have those traits, then as I said, you can become a genius, no one is a born genius. So you can adopt those characteristics to be a genius. In both cases, these traits will help you. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Curiosity is a trait which is the basis of development of a genius mind. If you are curious, you will try to find answers to all your questions. But if someone is ignorant, then he will remain that way. To change yourself for your betterment, you need to be curious to know the answers to all your questions. According to Steve Jobs:

“By following my curiosity and intuition, I turned out to be priceless later on.”

We can take the importance of curiosity from this 14 words phrase. Simply put your curiosity will give you those things which cannot be bought by anyone. Steve Job’s curiosity made him the genius. So the essence here is that if you have questions about anything in your mind and you are curious enough to research to find their answers, then you are a genius. Because to find answers, you will learn a lot in the process, which increases your intellectuality.

A Sense Of Humor

YES!! As strange as it seems, having a good sense of humor is a sign of a genius. According to a study, spontaneous jokes cracking involves complex mental activates, and people who have high intellectual level, and strong visualization power can do these activities better than others. So in short, if you have a good sense of humor, then you have a trait of a genius. So keep cracking jokes, it is making your intellectuality stronger.

Up Till Late

If you are up late night and doing constructive work, then it may indicate that you are a genius. Because at night genius people find peace, which allows them to think deeply and do their work in those moments of quiet and silence. Working late also suggest that you love that work, and that is why you are sacrificing your sleep just work. So in short Geniuses prefer to work late, and they wake up late in the morning or afternoon.

Talking To Yourself

If you have found yourself talking to yourself. Then it may also be a sign that you are a genius. Because sometimes you get involved in your thoughts too much, that you say your ideas out loud. Because overthinking will make you stressful and to relieve that stress your mind will make you talk to yourself which leads to stress relieve and gives you motivation.


Exactly! I was happy to know that too. Laziness is one of the characteristics of being a genius. Because our mind controls our entire body and when we think about something, deeply and are involved in a continuous intellectual activity. It consumes our energy and thus makes us tired. So that’s why we feel the urge to slip into our comfy blankets. So next time you feel laziness, and that is every time, feel lucky, you may be a Genius.

Social Anxiety

People who have social anxiety are hidden geniuses. Because social anxiety encompasses the behavior of trying to ignore people and constantly analyzing the surroundings. So socially anxious people tend to analyze about what is happening in the vicinity. Which formulates ideas and process information. All of this requires a lot of intelligence, and when you analyze your surroundings, you are actually feeding your visualization power. Which is the leading factor of having a High IQ level. So don’t be depressed with your social anxiety, it has made you powerful.


According to studies, overthinking and worrying about something a lot leads to problem-solving. When you think about a problem too much, your brain tends to work on the solutions to that problem. Which leads to different ideas and increases creativity. So if you overthink about something, try to divert your thinking towards finding the solutions of the problem bugging you.


People who read have the IQ level of a rocket. Because reading introduces you to a whole new world where you learn about stuff. Which makes you wise and reading also increase your creativity by introducing you to different sets and methods of doing things. So if you like to read, you are definitely developing your mental age which is an essential trait of being a genius.

So these are some characteristics which are backed by scientific and social experiments. If you guys have such traits, then you may be a genius. Just trust your instincts, because you telling yourself to do a thing is better than others telling you to do something, you may be a genius, and they are not. And if you do not have such traits then try to adopt these. Start reading, start thinking about things, develop a sense of humor, be curious to find answers and all of this stuff will make you priceless one day, as Steve Jobs said.

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