In everyone’s life, a moment always comes when the person becomes weak. At that time, the person thinks of letting go of the work he has been doing or to not make a decision he/she is about to make. Giving up on something is way easier than working on it. And usually people want to take the easy way, but they do not think about the destination of both “hard and “easy” ways.

Each way will have its own consequences, and each way will have its own problems. The thing that separates both easy and hard ways is the timing of those problems. If you decide to grind, strive and work hard and take the hard way, then you may face a lot of challenges on the way, towards your final destination. But in the end, you will find peace and success. But, if you decide to give up your cause and take the easy way out. Then you may find comfort for a while but you will be facing a lot of problems and will be left with regrets in the end.

stay strong

Don’t let the moment of weakness take over you

Life doesn’t give you too many chances, it is wise to take what you have right now and build your own castle out of it. Because without working for your goals, you will not get what you want. If you have faced with the challenge of choosing between easy and hard way. Then you know what I am talking about, it doesn’t matter what you choose, because, in the end, your results will tell you everything.

So the question is, how to be strong in a moment of weakness? Because that moment can either make you or break you. So how to become a victor instead of a victim? You just need to do one thing, and one small thing only. Whenever you are faced with a decision of choosing between the easy and the hard way, ask yourself this; “Why did I start this?” you will have the answer!

To illustrate this let’s take an example of a boxer:

How to be strong in a moment of weakness; Illustration of a Boxer:

There is a boxer, who has trained his whole life to be a champion and is now faced with a tough opponent. And in that fight, his opponent has pinned him down by giving him a fierce beating. Now if he is still in his senses then a weak moment will come when he will think of not getting up and letting the opponent win. Because his whole body is in pain and the comfort is just moments away. If he decides of not getting up when he will be letting go of his chance of becoming a champion. Because, if he does not get up then it is clear that he will lose this fight. And then he will fight with himself for his whole life regretting of becoming weak when he could’ve tried harder.

don't give up


But, if he does two quick things while he is lying there in the ring. Then he will stand up and fight for his dream. And trust me, those two elements are pure of thinking. So what are those things? Let’s see:

1. Why did he start?

The most important thing to make oneself realize the importance of the chance he/she is going to give up. In the case of this boxer, he needs to ask himself, is he really going to give up on his lifetime of training? The hurdles he faced to be a champion? The things he gave up to be here, Is this little time of pain he is facing is worth more than his dream to be a champion?

moment of weakness


By asking this question, he is triggering all the past memories of his struggles. Those memories will make his mind go into fight or flight situation. Which will give him a boost of Adrenaline. That boost of adrenaline will get him to stand on his feet and fight. Because in the end, it’s not your body that keeps fighting, but it is your mind. Just like this boxer, once a person is on his feet in real life, (s)he needs another reason to let go of the thought of giving up. And that’s where he/she needs to think about the outcomes.

2. What will he/she become?

To be unstoppably strong in a moment of weakness, one needs more than just the adrenaline boost triggered by the thoughts of his past struggles. The final nail in the coffin of that thought about giving up will be the thought of the outcome of the decision (s)he is about to make now. In this scenario, the boxer needs to think about the outcome if he wins that fight.

He will be called a champion for the rest of his life. He will be called a victor of the desperate circumstances he is facing right now. He will not be a victim of his weak choice that he was about to make. And if he understood the importance of these two things. He will definitely stand up and not just stand up, he will be twice as powerful as he was before. Because now it is a do or die situation for him. Just like the legend MUHAMMAD ALI once said:

“Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

And that is what it’s all about to make you guys challenge your own weakness to create a do or die situation. To be strong in a moment of weakness. So that you forget of losing and focus on winning. Believe me, once someone purely focuses on winning (s)he inevitably wins. It may not be immediately, but it will happen definitely.

Now in the case of a boxer, even if he stands up and loses then it won’t matter because he won’t be a victim of his moment of weakness. He will be a winner. And he will definitely try much harder next time without any regret of letting go of the chance of becoming a champion when he had a chance. Because he will know only one thing which will keep him going and that is he didn’t give up. His mind didn’t give up. His body may have given up at that time, but his determination didn’t die and then working hard on his body he will surely be a champion next time.

Now, this practical example is enough for you guys to relate in all aspects of your life. If you ever want to become strong in that moment of weakness, just ask is it worth it to give up on my dream and imagine what the outcome would be if you don’t give up. I guarantee you, you will become stronger in that moment of weakness.

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