In our life, we are faced with the situation, where we need help, but the problem is, that no one except ourselves can help us. And to help yourself, you need to have guidance, because you cannot even help your own self without proper knowledge of “how to help.” Here, I am not talking about solutions to your problems. I am talking about how to make yourself work on those solutions. For instance, you may be suffering from obesity, and you know the answer is that you need to do exercise to get rid of that problem, but still you are not doing that, why?

Because something inside you is not letting you do that, and that’s where you need guidance to help yourself defeat that thing. To get help from within, one must explore how to benefit from sources outside. And that’s why you need the help of books because books are your only friends when it comes to self-help. Today I am going to tell you about 3 best self-help books, which are going to change your life if you give importance to them. Okay so let’s review those books.

1. Stick With It

The author of this masterpiece is Dr. Sean Young. He is a new authoritative voice in the field of behavioral science. He knows a great deal about human habits—how we make them and how we break them. This masterpiece is also a reflection of Dr. Sean Young’s knowledge.

Stick with it, provides insights into what you should do about your life if you want to achieve something, but you just can’t help yourself leave that thing in the middle. The habit of getting bored with what you are doing or procrastinating your plans in usually found in almost all of us. To tackle that problem, Sean Young has written that book, which will tell you different scientific proven methods to overcome that desire to leave things in the middle or to procrastinate your plans.

Young has used a scientific model in this book called as “Young’s model” this model is based on specific scientific learning objectives that humans use, which will help you learn about yourself. And then you will be taught to learn the habits of breaking your old habits, with the help of this book. The book is simple, and there is no scientific jargon which may confuse you.

The writing style of the author is engaging and a little bit of humorous. The best thing about the book is that it has stories of people who were suffering from problems like you, when what they did about them. So by reading those stories, you will not only get a good boost of motivation, but you will also learn about lives of different people, which is a great way to keep yourself focused on reading the book.

2. The True Language of Love

This one is authored by Sean Azimov. This writer’s goal is to help people by playing his positive role in this world to fill it with positivity. Sean Azimov has also created a Quantum Behavioral Induction Therapy. Which is a way to help people with developmental disabilities to maximize their quality of life. And with this book he wants to help people by spreading positivity.

When I first encountered the book on Amazon, seeing its name, I thought this book will be about how to talk to others with love so that they can talk to you back in the same way. But I was entirely wrong. This book is much more than that. The problems people have, not with the world, but with themselves. Like lousy past, drug addiction, or some other bad addictions, fears, anxiety, loneliness, etc.

self-help books, The True Language of Love, Sean Azimov,

The True Language of Love, Sean Azimov

So this book tells you how to be the love that poultice all your pain and free you from the demons within. Sean Azimov has written some useful tips and techniques to overcome your fear, anxiety, loneliness, and addictions in a way that they will never ever return again. The style of writing of Sean Azimov is engaging, and a little bit humorous which captivates its readers and makes them embark on the journey to help themselves. The one of the best thing in this book which is discussed in depth is how one’s mental health is connected to their emotional wellbeing and how one can balance both.

Once you have read this book, you will be able to take care of the problems occurring within you. But, what about the issues that you face outside of yourself? I am talking about facing other people and putting an influence over them. To take care of the outside problems related to yourself, you need to read this book too;

3. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This one is authored by Dale Carnegie, who was an American writer and developer of the mass courses related to self-improvement and being a top-notch salesman.

Since release, more than 15 million copies of this book are sold. This oddly entertaining book will make you embark upon the journey of conquering and influencing people around you. The way of writing of Dale is simple yet captivating. In this self-help book, Dale has discussed, how people tend to think and how to catch what they are thinking. This self-help book will help you recognize people and will train you to how to talk with each type of person. If you are looking to put an effect on society, this one is your best guide.

You have the 3 best self-help books, needed to make you improve yourself in both internal and external ways. But bear in mind that when you read these self-help books, don’t expect your life to change overnight. Because changes take some time these books will definitely bring them in your life. So when you start reading these books, just let them sink in and then apply the methods and techniques provided in them. And you will definitely see results over time.

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