In our life a time comes, when we are lost, we just have no idea what to do now. This happens because we do not take lessons of our life seriously. Just like in a classroom if we do not take lessons of our professor seriously, and we don’t practice them, then we will be lost in the exam. Similarly, if we do not take lessons from the most prominent professor, that is our life, seriously. Then we will be lost in the exams of life. So we need to keep our eyes open and our ears sharp. But, we also need to take lessons from stories that are not from our life. We can do that by either listening to other people, or we can do that by reading Inspirational Short Stories that have a lesson hidden in them.

Today I am going to share three Inspirational Short Stories with you guys, and then I will interpret their hidden message. So, that you guys can learn lessons that we cannot put a price tag on. So learn from the experiences that I am going to share with you guys and help others by teaching them those lessons. So let’s see what best Inspirational Short Stories I have got for you:

1. Happiness cannot be found

There was an old man, who always used to be in a bad mood, whoever tried to talk to him, he would shout at them in anger. One day people saw him in a really pleasant mood, they tried to talk to him, and he talked back with the smile, people asked him; why are you happy today? He replied; it’s my 80th birthday. People asked confused, so how does it make you happy suddenly? He said;

“All my life I chased and tried to find happiness, but I remained unhappy, today at my 80th birthday, I decided to give up that chase and enjoy the life I have left. That’s why I am happy.”
Guys the moral of the story is that sometimes we often get too busy in building a happy future that we neglect our happiness in the present. Why try to chase happiness for the future, when you have no idea you will get it then or not. So live in the moment and enjoy what you have RIGHT NOW!

2. Struggles of Life

Once a girl complained to her father who was a chef; she said ‘Father, I am tired of fighting problems, as soon as I solve one problem, another is standing there for me, I can’t face my problems anymore.’

Her father smiled and told her to come near to the stove. Then he filled three pots with water and put 3 different things in them. He put a potato in one pot, an egg in second and some coffee beans in the other, and then put them on stoves to boil.

The girl, unable to understand all of this looked at her father with confusion. Her father told her to wait for them to boil. Once all three things were boiled, the father turned to her daughter and asked her, what do you see? The daughter a bit annoyed, replied ‘A potato, egg, and coffee.’

The father said yes, you are right but go ahead and touch the potatoes, the girl noticed they were very soft. Then the father asked her to break the egg, after peeling the shell, the girl noticed a hard-boiled egg. And finally he asked her to take a sip from the coffee, she did exactly that, and the refreshing taste and rich aroma brought a smile to her face. The father then said to her;

“The potato, egg, and coffee were in the same situation of boiling water, but each of them reacted differently to the situation. The potato which was hard and strong became fragile and soft in the boiling water. The egg which was fragile and needed protection of its shell became hard. However, the coffee beans were unique, and when boiled they changed the whole water and created something new.”

Moral: Guys it’s all about our will and ability to see the problem as an opportunity. The hardships we face in our life are just like this boiling water. It’s up to us, whether we become the victim like potato or the victor like the egg, or we can change problem to an opportunity to create something entirely new.

3. Out of the box thinking

In an ancient time, there was a town in Egypt, there lived a beautiful girl with her poor father. The father, who was an old man, owed a huge amount of money to the town’s lender. The lender was an ugly crooked man, who fancied the old man’s beautiful daughter. One day the lender gave the ultimatum to the old man in front of the whole town.

The lender said ‘You have 2 days to return the amount you owe me, or else you will be thrown in jail, but there is one condition which can save you. I want to marry your daughter, and tomorrow if you bring her to my gardens, then I will give her a bag with two pebbles, a white pebble, and a black pebble.

Without looking, she will have to take out one pebble from the bag, if she takes out the white one, I will forgive your debt, and you can go home. But, if she takes out black pebble then she would’ve to marry me and your debt will still be forgiven.

The next day the whole town along with the father and daughter gathered at the lender’s garden and then the girl was handed the bad. The lender picked two pebbles from the ground and put them in the bag, but before that, the girl eyed the pebbles in the lender’s hand. And both were black. The girl who was now holding the bag with two black pebbles, took one pebble out and without looking dropped it on the ground, which got mixed with other similar pebbles.

Then the girl said ‘oh how irresponsible of me, but never mind just look in the bag and see the remaining pebble, and we will find out the color of the other pebble which I picked up”. Since the remaining pebble was black, it must be assumed that she had picked the white pebble and thus she and her father came safely out of the situation which was entirely against them.

Moral: Guys sometimes there will be situations when everything will seem to be against you. But, you have to believe that there is always a way. You will have to think out of the box and to do that. To do that you will have to think about the positive side of every situation. No matter how bad it is. Just try to find the positivity in that situation, and you will train your mind to think of solutions even in the times of adversity.

Summing it up:

All of the above best Inspirational Short Stories are personally my favorite, and I have learned a lot from them. To sum up the idea of these stories you need to do 3 things to take most out of these best inspiration short stories. You need to live in the moment and stop chasing happiness because it cannot be found, it is inside you. Then you need to face your problems and turn your problems into an opportunity. And lastly, you need to think out of the box by finding positivity in each situation. I hope these handpicked best Inspirational Short Stories will help you make an example of yourself for others.

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