I don’t even need to say this, but I will say it anyway “WINTER IS HERE” and with it, comes a variety of clothing combinations and grooming needs. Every guy wants to be the Casanova of winter, but there is always something that puts him down. It can be his jacket, shoes, hairstyle or even his hats. This is normal, not every one is aware of the winter fashion trends of the current year, or may be just the classic winter fashion accessories. “If you want to impress then you need to dress well” has always been my motto. And you need to make it yours too or else the girl next door may change her neighborhood.

Besides impressing girls which is the first priority of every guy, you will feel confident if you dress well and appropriately. Just like office has its own dress code. Similarly, every season has its “DRESS CODE.” Today you are going to learn about the Winter Fashion Essentials so that you can rock that “handsome bad boy” look the whole season. So let’s not waste any time as the girl next door is thinking about moving:

Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts are a lot soft and thicker which makes them a perfect fit for winter. Unlike typical button up Shirts which will give you cold in winter. The Flannel shirts will keep you warm, and its soft fabric will keep you comfy and cozy. The Flannel shirt has a whole variety of checks for you to choose.

The textures and color of Flannel shirts are perfect for the outdoor activities in the cold season of winter. The other recommendation for you guys is the full sleeves cotton t-shirt for your indoor activities in winter as the cotton fabric allows the clothes to breathe in the air which will not make you all sweaty and also make you look “just perfect.”


An essential need for surviving and styling in winter is undoubtingly the jackets. The most trending and casual use jacket which will definitely give you the whole new level of “sexy” is the leather jacket. The leather jacket is best for your day to day activities like parties, functions or gatherings. If you are a usually indoor kind of person, which is another way of saying “introvert”, then a simple V neck denim sweater is the winner for you.

Another warm winter wear for outdoor and formal activities is the pea coat. If you don’t know about it, the pea coat is a type of long coat with long collars and soft coarse wool type fabric. The pea coat is perfect for guys who attend formal outdoor meetings with clients.

Tip: With peacoat, don’t forget to buy a lint roller, because these bad boys get covered in wool fabric and hair, and lint roller keeps that stuff out of pea coat.


Scarfs contribute to enhancing the style in winter. The combo of scarf and jacket or pea coat will give you a new look. There is a whole variety of scarfs for men with dominating colors like Black, Blue, and Navy Blue. In winters Always wear a scarf when you go out. This 6 feet piece of cloth will make you irresistible to people.

Knit Caps

The doctor for winter fashion essentials has prescribed the use of knit caps to make you look more appealing. A Simple Denim hat is enough for your day to day casual appearances for college or institutes. But if you are going for a jog in the park or someplace fancy then your ticket to be the Alpha male is definitely a beanie.


With winter the need of boots increases to 100 percent. Every guy needs to rock some amazing, rugged, and masculine boots. And the best boots for you to rock the whole winter are Madden Men’s, Cornel Boot. These sturdy boots will provide warmth, comfort and entirely new level to style. Or if you are in need of stylish shoes which look formal and perfect for your business routine then the Oxfords lace-up shoes are your ideal choice.

Pants/ Jeans

When it comes to wearing stylish jeans, then winter is no exception for that. The dark wash jeans are specifically made to rock the winter. The faded version of these jeans is best to give you a sharp look. Best dark wash jeans can be bought from two brands in terms of quality, The Denim and The Levi’s. Colors like Black, Dark blue are perfect for night wear in winters, and for daytime grey, sky blue and navy blue colors are just simply perfect. The combo of hats and dark wash jeans will give you a proper tom cruise took.

Beard and Hairstyle

The most prominent factor which is noticed first in a man is his hairstyle. If you want a perfect bad boy look for the winter, then you will have to say goodbye to the hairstyles you were rocking the whole summer. It’s time to put on the game changer face. The best winter hairstyles are:

Sweep Back: Your hair should be longer to try sweep back. The best results come from having the hair around the ears and the neck cut two inches shorter

Messy Waves: Again the hair should be a bit longer. This hairstyle works best with long, square and diamond-shaped faces.

Fade: Very popular amongst Asian guys, Hairs from sides and back are trimmed and works with both long and short hair.
With hairstyle, a little-grown beard is just what you need to complete the look. The month of September is the perfect to grow the beard and try out new styles.

Hit the gym

No matter how much your clothes you wear, if you want a perfect Alpha male look, then the gym is an essential part of your life. The winter is the best season for gyming as your body will get warm while working out and within a month of workout you will get to see results which will make you a perfect hunk.

All of these above-given tips are perfect for every guy. After trying out these essentials, the girl next door may move into your house. Don’t wait now and start changing the game.

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