An ordinary Indian man like me usually disregards men’s grooming tips. We take men’s grooming tips like a myth, but is it a myth? Obviously not. We are just lazy to follow these men’s grooming tips and just to cover our laziness we term these men’s grooming tips as something against our bold personality and the Angry Young Man image established by our very own Amitabh Bachchan (Hein..!).

Mostly, men are perceived as a creature who stinks, has too many hair, do not trim nails and have a head full of a tribe of lice. In other words, man is perceived as a “Gorilla.” Most of the females who think of us as a Gorilla are of course wrong. But to be honest, they are not completely wrong.

Most men do not take their hygiene and grooming seriously, which makes them a little bit like stinking Gorilla. I, even have seen some guys who use their T-Shirts as their towel; Wait, What? Who does that? The Gorilla-Men do that.


So the point I am trying to make is pretty clear, that is “no awareness of personal grooming.” To be the best possible version of yourself concerning attraction, you will need to adopt some changes in your routine, or else you may become the best version of People Repeller.

So to help my male community get rid of that Gorilla image, I have some essential men’s grooming tips for you guys. And don’t think I have some personal issues with Gorillas, I started loving Gorillas since I saw King Kong. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Hit The Shower

The rule 101 in men’s “code of clean” is to take showers daily. If it is winter, then there is an exception to skip a day in between. But, in other seasons you will need a shower every day in the morning to remove the germs, bacteria, and sweat from the previous day.

Because if you do not take a shower daily, you may end up scratching yourself the whole day, especially in summer. And you have probably realized by now, where I am going with this. EXACTLY, the beloved Gorilla who scratches itself all day long with passion and joy.

I mean this should not be a men’s grooming tip, this is just a basic hygein. Yet this made at first in our Men’s grroming tips guide. 😀

Use Deodorant

Do you know there are millions of germs attached to your body and the bacteria among them causes the odor from your body which is the step 1 towards the stinking Gorilla. Because of that smell, people stay away from you, but you think they are just rude. Guess what bro, they just don’t want to inhale the smell of rotten mushrooms, which is coming from your body.

To get rid of that odor, you just need to buy a good deodorant, search for it on the internet and you will find plenty of them. Apply the deodorant on your body, especially places which sweats a lot like armpits and the area where your manhood begins. Use the deodorant twice a day, first in the morning after taking a shower and secondly, right afternoon. And you will smell nice the whole day.

Trim Those Nails

Your nails are used to scratch places where other humans can’t reach, yes I am talking about “down there.” The germs your nails catch from those locations are going to harm you, if not properly taken care of. Besides that nobody likes men with big nails, FYI it’s never been a trendy thing in men, Wake-up bro you are not Katy Perry with her fancy and perfectly manicured nails. So to look like a nice and civilized person “Although you may not be the one,” you need to trim your nails after every five days.


For those who don’t know it is the process of removing excess hairs for the perfect and clean body. You should take care of the hair on your chest and back on a weekly basis, as more hair causes more sweat and itchiness. You can use trimmer of 0 size for this purpose. There are trimmers for every purpose, check out Amazon or Flipkart, you will find plenty of those.

Now, it is not recommended for every guy, because some people like some hair on their body. So those people can use a trimmer with bigger size clip to make hair shorter which will allow their skin to breathe in more air.

Shave That Grass

I am talking about locks which are essential to clean, not for beauty, but because they are needed to be cleaned, and there is no exception for that, every man needs to clean that hair. I think you have got the idea of the places I am talking about. You can again use the trimmer for that purpose. Trim down that grass according to your need, if you see some hair starting to grow out and are getting to the size of rice, you should clean those immediately. Also take care of the extra hair like on ears, under the nose, and on your neck.

That hair can be annoying. Simply put, hair on ears and neck will take you towards the look of our friend, YES, you guessed it right, the GORILLA! And hair in the nose can cause tickling if grown. Besides, hair poking out of your nose will shout Hello to people before you, I am sure you don’t want that. So use a micro trimmer for trimming the hair on neck, nose, and ears, preferably after every three days.

Skin Care

Your skin is the largest organ of your body, don’t let it become a victim of dryness and wrinkles. You need to care for your entire skin. You can do that by drinking lots of water, preferably 8 to 10 glasses a day, to keep your skin moisturized. Besides that, use antibacterial soap while you take a shower.

Other than that, wash your face at least two times a day without any soap. Because your face has the most exposed skin and due to that it can become a victim of dryness and soap also extracts the natural oils produced by the skin of your face. So, use of only water will keep it moisturized.

Hair Care

You may be rocking an awesome hairstyle, but you will need maintenance of that hairstyle. So go to the barber after every 3-4 weeks for short hair and every 4-5 weeks for long hair. Wash your hair scalp daily but use shampoo less, preferably three times a week as the shampoo extracts natural oil from your hair scalp, which can make your scalp a victim of dandruff. Besides hair, take care of your beard too, if you like to keep it clean then shave daily, but if you like a little bit of beard then go to a barber every 1-2 weeks.

Tip: Go for shampoos which are free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) if you have a hair fall problem, these ingredients have harmful effects on your hair.


A use of nice cologne will make you smell beautiful all day long. Use it on a daily basis. If you are new to the world of perfumes, start with the one you like. Ask for the opinion of different people about the smell. If most people say it smells nice, then you can start with that one.

These tips will help the male community in changing the perception of females about us. And our lovely friend Gorilla will have less competition. So help yourself and the Gorilla and adopt these grooming tips in your lifestyle to see rapid changes.

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