Every guy wants to have hair which is smooth, shiny and healthy. So they can make every style they want, and their hair just bends that way. Due to their long and silky hair, they want to try out the new and trendy hairstyle to reach a new cool. Guess what brother, you are not David Beckham, He can do all of those things, but you cannot if you are wondering how do I know this, WELL you are reading this until now, so it shows you have a hair problem.

Your lifestyle, hair care is not like our beloved David Beckham, so how can you expect to rock hairstyles like him? Well, you can try and find out. I have gathered some useful hair care tips for healthy hair, because healthy hair is the most important factor to rock different hairstyles, or you may end up like Pitbull, EXACTLY, BALD!!!

Now there is nothing wrong with bald people. In fact, it is the best way to protect your remaining hair; no hair is equal to no hair fall. Even I spend my whole summer vacation with a bald head. I like to walk the streets with my bald head wide exposed and gaining a few glances. So if you can handle the hotness of a bald head, I would strongly suggest going for it as you will be free from the constant depression of hair fall. But if you want to fight that hair fall problem, then you can try some hair care tips which can help you drastically reduce hair fall problem. So let’s not waste any time, the more we wait, the more your hair will fall:

Rubbing with Towel

Ok, the first and one of the most damage causing factor is the rubbing of hair with a towel right after the Shower. When you come out of the shower, your hair is still wet from the roots, and when hair roots are wet, they are in a most vulnerable state.

And when you rub them like they are going to be instantly dry, you are making the worst mistake in your whole life, second to having an annoying girlfriend. So what you need to do is that you need to pat dry your hair with softness and care. Do this whenever you want to dry your hair to cause minimal damage to your hair roots.

Use of Blow Dryer and Straightener

Next stop of ‘Hair damage control train” is the excess usage of hair dryers. Guys the heat you are applying to your hair is in the form of warm air, and air travels quickly and to almost everywhere. Similarly, the air from your blow dryer reaches all the way down to your hair follicles, where the roots of your hair are.

The heat damages the hair from roots as well as from its mid portion, causing the hair to become dry and more fragile. Same goes for Straightener, as it also uses heat to straighten your hair. So my advice is to use these things but on very low heat settings to keep the damage as minimal as possible. Although the recommendation would be to stop using these appliances. But without them, a good hairstyle is very difficult to achieve so use them with caution.

Use Good Shampoos

When you go for a shower, try to use lukewarm water on your hair, as the hot water extracts all the natural oils from your scalp, leaving it dry and itchy. And try to shampoo less often, preferably 3 times a week. And when you use shampoo, try to use the one which is free from Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS).

If you have a hair fall problem, these ingredients have harmful effects on your hair. So go to the store and ask for shampoo which is free from these toxic chemicals. I personally use Selsun blue; it is light and free from these chemicals.

Use Hair Oil

Hair Oil plays a vital role in nourishing your hair and especially your scalp. There are lots of hair oil out there, but I prefer Olive oil, as it is light on your hair and it has some really significant benefits.

The Olive oil gets rid of dandruff and softens your hair. Which makes them easy to style. It helps hair to grow stronger, makes your hair smooth and gets rid of itchy scalp. In short Olive oil plays “doctor” with your hair. You can apply Olive oil daily before drifting to sleep and wash in the morning.

Change Your Diet

You must’ve listened to that cliché line before “You are what you eat,” well that cliché is 100 percent true. What you eat is definitely doing good or bad on your body depending on the type of food. If you eat too much junk food, it doesn’t mean that you are junk, no my friend, you are a “garbage” can. In fact, I was a garbage can too. But then one day I said no to the junk food and started eating healthy. The benefit of healthy eating will undoubtedly fall on your hair. Try to eat foods which contain the following nutrients:

• Iron
• Protein
• Vitamin c (helps in absorbing iron)
• Omega 3
• Biotin

You can find Iron in apple, Protein in egg, Omega 3 in milk, walnuts, eggs, Biotin in fish and Vitamin C in all citrus fruits like lemon, orange, etc. These nutrients can be found in numbers of fruits, vegetables, dairy items, and meats. But, to give you the general idea I have listed the names of foods that contains these nutrients. Adopt the usage of these foods in your daily routine. How to do that is totally up to you according to your diet.

Use Less Products

When it comes to hair styling I know you all use products on your hair, be it the clay or wax, you guys use it. I KNOW IT BECAUSE I DO IT TOO! Using the products on your hair is generally not much harmful if you don’t use too much product.

Just take about the size of the tip of your pinky finger. That will be enough and will also do less damage. To keep the balance between damage by-products and health of your hair, use the egg mask on your hair preferably twice a week. I know it’s a girly thing, but you are doing it to impress girls with your smooth and silky hair. So it is acceptable.

Apply the mask 30 minutes before shampooing and then rinse thoroughly. It will smell like hell so if you can keep up with the smell then it is great, if not then mix yogurt with egg to minimize the smell.

Use these hair care tips and keep a daily journal of the progress. You will start to see results in 2 or 3 months so have patience, but these tips will definitely help your hairs.

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