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How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating

Without fluid, your cat will not be able to survive up to 4 days, but without food, they can live up to 2 weeks. The damage done would be untreatable hence if you notice signs of no eating in your cat, it will be wise to take them to the Vet as fast as you possibly can. The cats may be hydrated by drinking water, but they will inevitably suffer slow starvation, this will cause many physiologic problems such as Kidney problems, intestinal problems and will ultimately lead to death if not managed. Fatty liver disease or Hepatic Lipidosis...

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Yoga, Why Is It A Blessing For People With Cardiovascular Disease

FACT: Around 17 million people die from heart disease every year worldwide. As outlined by The American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the key reason for the loss of life and disability in the United States of America and other industrialized countries. Developing nations are also struggling with this killer disease. Therefore, it is difficult to overstate the obviously pressing clinical and economic effects of CVD. It causes premature death, loss of employment, income source, and quality lifestyle. Luckily, improvements in technology have often offered a life-line to those troubled with cardiovascular disease. But amongst all the modern...

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Some Cool and Interesting Facts About Silicon Valley

  Silicon Valley, a place where geniuses are born, billion dollars’ worth companies are created, and future of technology and mankind has been changed. The big names like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs all rose from Silicon Valley and conquered the world. Maybe there is something in the air of that valley which turns people into geniuses, or maybe it’s because their economy is robust which allows buying of cheap parts for computer’s hardware purposes. Anyways, whatever the reason is, this valley has given us some substantial world-changing inventions, and we are thankful for that. To...

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3 Best Self-Help Books To Improve Emotional State

In our life, we are faced with the situation, where we need help, but the problem is, that no one except ourselves can help us. And to help yourself, you need to have guidance, because you cannot even help your own self without proper knowledge of “how to help.” Here, I am not talking about solutions to your problems. I am talking about how to make yourself work on those solutions. For instance, you may be suffering from obesity, and you know the answer is that you need to do exercise to get rid of that problem, but still...

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How To Socialize As An Introvert [Personal Experience]

A problem that every introvert face is the problem of socializing as an introvert. People, who are introverts, like to remain in their own world, but for how long? At some point, you will have to face the world you live in and the people in it. In terms of socializing there are two types of people in this world. Some people immediately make friends and then there are those who face a lot of trouble in even talking to strangers. The most common reason for that problem is what to talk about? I used to be one of...

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