Month: October 2017

3 Best Self-Help Books To Improve Emotional State

In our life, we are faced with the situation, where we need help, but the problem is, that no one except ourselves can help us. And to help yourself, you need to have guidance, because you cannot even help your own self without proper knowledge of “how to help.” Here, I am not talking about solutions to your problems. I am talking about how to make yourself work on those solutions. For instance, you may be suffering from obesity, and you know the answer is that you need to do exercise to get rid of that problem, but still...

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How To Socialize As An Introvert [Personal Experience]

A problem that every introvert face is the problem of socializing as an introvert. People, who are introverts, like to remain in their own world, but for how long? At some point, you will have to face the world you live in and the people in it. In terms of socializing there are two types of people in this world. Some people immediately make friends and then there are those who face a lot of trouble in even talking to strangers. The most common reason for that problem is what to talk about? I used to be one of...

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Six Expert Hair Care Tips [For Men]

Every guy wants to have hair which is smooth, shiny and healthy. So they can make every style they want, and their hair just bends that way. Due to their long and silky hair, they want to try out the new and trendy hairstyle to reach a new cool. Guess what brother, you are not David Beckham, He can do all of those things, but you cannot if you are wondering how do I know this, WELL you are reading this until now, so it shows you have a hair problem. Your lifestyle, hair care is not like our...

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My Favorite 3 Inspirational Short Stories That Inspire Me In Hard Times

In our life a time comes, when we are lost, we just have no idea what to do now. This happens because we do not take lessons of our life seriously. Just like in a classroom if we do not take lessons of our professor seriously, and we don’t practice them, then we will be lost in the exam. Similarly, if we do not take lessons from the most prominent professor, that is our life, seriously. Then we will be lost in the exams of life. So we need to keep our eyes open and our ears sharp. But,...

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2017 Winter Fashion Essentials Every Guy Should Consider

I don’t even need to say this, but I will say it anyway “WINTER IS HERE” and with it, comes a variety of clothing combinations and grooming needs. Every guy wants to be the Casanova of winter, but there is always something that puts him down. It can be his jacket, shoes, hairstyle or even his hats. This is normal, not every one is aware of the winter fashion trends of the current year, or may be just the classic winter fashion accessories. “If you want to impress then you need to dress well” has always been my motto....

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