Month: September 2017

5 Cool Gadgets That Changed The Paradigm In 2017

Adios to all techies. I hope you guys are enjoying your life with no girlfriend in it. Yeah, bro, I can feel your agony, I am a nerd too, I have no girlfriend just like you, sometimes I even feel that all my cool gadgets are my girlfriends. Anyways I hope you all are fit and tight with your drones flying higher than the kite. So as you guys know, the year is about to end, and besides the buttonless, jack less and “senseless” iPhone X, there have been some remarkable inventions in the world of technology. These cool gadgets...

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Effective Weight Loss Tips For Men [No Workout]

Other than hair loss, the horrifying nightmare of every man is a huge and round belly poking out from his shirt, which enters through doors before him. Fat and sweaty people are similar to seals; FAT and WET. I am sure you don‘t want to be a fat seal. Even if you secretly do, you CAN’T, you have a human body, so snap out of your fantasies!!! Take that body and carve it into something like a giraffe, getting my point? Exactly, because it is skinny. Besides, everything that a guy does usually starts and ends with a girl...

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Essential Men’s Grooming Tips For A Better You

An ordinary Indian man like me usually disregards men’s grooming tips. We take men’s grooming tips like a myth, but is it a myth? Obviously not. We are just lazy to follow these men’s grooming tips and just to cover our laziness we term these men’s grooming tips as something against our bold personality and the Angry Young Man image established by our very own Amitabh Bachchan (Hein..!). Mostly, men are perceived as a creature who stinks, has too many hair, do not trim nails and have a head full of a tribe of lice. In other words, man...

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Everything You Need To Know About iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

Apple, the name when said, a green or perhaps red colored fruit is not what comes to our minds first, A high tech flagship mobile is what lingers in our imagination. The reason is the dominance of iPhone over the cell phone industry. Granted that it is also dominant in terms of higher prices, but it is expensive for a reason. Apple has always kept its end of the bargain, which is to deliver most advanced and latest technology. We all can agree that whether we buy iPhone or not, we all watch its new phones’ specs and we...

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Media, Good Or Bad, Our Only Hope To Redemption

Role Of Media While the world may be beautiful, as it is made out to be, our physical limitations do not allow us to see it. But we enjoy the wonderfully designed television broadcasts that recommend places we must see or visit before we die. People may not know anything about what is going on in the next village or town, but they can probably tell you when the next cine or music awards distribution in Hollywood, France or India would broadcast live. This is the great power of using broadcast media. It converts our world of reality into...

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